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Roof Force have been installing industrial roofs for many years and we are extremely proud of our reputation as being a leader in this sector in Western Australia. We are accustomed to installing roofs for a wide range of facilities; factories, industrial units, farms, warehouses etc. The list goes on and in every case we adhere strictly to Australian standards.

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industrial roofs

Industrial roofs are something that have to be sturdy and durable, which is why our industrial roofing Perth services all come with a twenty year guarantee on materials and ten year warranty on workmanship. Our highly experienced team are accustomed to working to tight deadlines and will provide a prompt quote, stay within budget and have the project completed well within deadline.

Our industrial roofs can be as large or small scale as requested and we are equally accustomed to dealing with both minor and major industrial building projects. We are committed to safety and our standards are second to none. We also realise there may well be times when your own staff are required to access the roof space so we provide customised solutions for each project to ensure they can be accessed safely, with no risk of falling.

Just as our workmanship is of an outstanding quality, so too are the materials we work with. Roof Force knows when a company makes a major investment in an industrial roof the structure itself must be able to keep out the elements all year round.

Each and every project we work on is managed by our highly experienced supervisor. We like to ensure the work runs smoothly and within budget, which is why we are committed to being punctual and investing 100 percent effort every day, to maximise efficiency.

“Industrial Roofs by Roof Force are at the top of the class for standards in WA and we will go above and beyond to ensure the installation runs smoothly,” Ty Zampogna, Director of Roof Force.